When ordering a hosting plan, you have a number of choices: 10 Mb, 50 Mb, 80 Mb, 250 Mb, 1 Gb, 5 Gb etc. What do you really need?

  • 10 Mb is for websites with mainly text and few pictures.
  • 50 Mb is required for WordPress
  • 80 Mb is needed when you start to store emails on our server long term, or if you need bandwidth of 2000 Mb/month.
  • 250 Mb is usually needed for ecommerce websites with a large catalogue of products and pictures
  • 1 Gb and above plans come with unlimited monthly traffic, which may be needed by large websites when they become popular.
  • If you need more space than our published plans, just ask. We have taylored plans to suit several clients.

When you order hosting, you don’t need to allow for future growth. Your plan can be upgraded at any time to cater for expansion or higher traffic. We get automatic warnings when you are approaching your quota.

If you find that you are occupying more space even though you are not adding any pages to your website:

  • Check that you are not leaving email on the server. (Untick this in Mail or Outlook).
  • Check the Log files of visits to the site. These can grow over time and you don’t really need to keep more than 12 months.
  • Check that you haven’t kept a lot of WordPress themes that you were only trying.