Bandwidth (Monthly Traffic) is measured in Mb per month resulting from the size of your website in Mb and the the volume of visits to each page.

Increases are normally welcome if they mean your website is attracting more visitors.

However there are other reasons for excess bandwidth usage. You need to check your web stats in your control panel to see why.

  • Have you uploaded images which are larger than necessary
    You need to load images that fit the space you allow for them. Of course you can code the image size to show smaller than the actual image, but the actual image will be counted in the bandwidth usage.
    A further problem is that the larger image takes longer to load – annoying for a visitor. Ask us about a graphics program which resizes and compresses images.
  • Is your website being opened by a spam site.
    If the traffic has suddenly jumped compared to pevious months, check the number of visits at the top of the stats of sites which visited you.
    If one IP addresss is opening your website a large number of times per day it is suspect and could be using your site to generate spam.
    To stop this – in cpanel go to Security >> IP Deny manager and enter the suspect IP address.

It is important that you find out what’s happening with your traffic. Please contact us if you need any help.